1. How much are sessions?

General sessions are $99 - Ĺ hour and $150 Ė 1 hour.

If you are over 15 minutes late you will need to reschedule

What is included in a session? Photographers time and editing of images. An online gallery. When possible we will tag you on www.facebook.com/jtbportraits on posted images. Your choice of edited artist images ($99 package $50 print credit for 1 image or 1 digital file) $150 package -$75 print credit for 2 images or 2 digital files)

Time Tips:

Iron clothes the day before and place them on hangers. Wrinkles look terrible in a portrait. Schedule -Hair appointment 4 hours before shoot Schedule- Make-up appointment 2 hours prior to account for delays and travel time. Be Rested and Happy. Enjoy all the attention and pampering. Stress can not be airbrushed.

2. What is included in a baby session?

2-3 hour in-home session. Props and coordinating backgrounds also included. Feel free to use your personal hats, booties or headbands, however we bring everything to create beautiful artistic images.

2 Airbrushed digital images. Purchase as many sheets as you would like for $25 per sheet. Low resolution digital images are also available for also purchase. $35 for each additional image. Announcements are $1.50 each for 6x7.5; $50 for 35 with envelopes; $1.00 per 4x6 without envelopes.

You may add as many images and sheets as you like. We offer other products too including coffee mugs, canvas wall prints, and more.

**We have weekly specials that add bonuses to these packages check JTB Portraitís Fan Page for the latest deals and offers.

3. What is included with a senior session?

- Option 1: $99 for 1/2 hour which includes up to 2 outfits and 5 to 8 images to choose from
- Option 2: $150 for 1 hour which includes up to 3 outfits and 12 to 15 images to choose from
***We have weekly specials that add bonuses to these packages check JTB Portraitís Fan Page for latest deals and offers

4. How much are printed sheets?

$25 per sheet
Option 1: 1-8x10
Option 2: 2-5x7
Option 3: 8-wallets
Option 4: 4-4x6

Option 5: $35 for 11x14
Option 6: $50 for 16x20

Larger sizes and canvas prints available upon request.

5. How much are digital images?

$35 each. Digital images prints up to 8x10 in size.

6. How much is the deposit?

$50 non-refundable deposit due at booking. The balance is due prior to the shoot. You will be emailed a link to pay on line through Pay Pal. We will accept cash at your session for the balance.

7. When do I get to see my pictures?

You will preview during your session and receive a gallery link within 24-48 hours after your session. The gallery will be active for 3 weeks, and may be extended upon request.

8. Do you have packages?

Yes. We have ongoing specials. See JTB Portraitís Fan Page or call for more information.

9. Do I have to wear make-up?

Yes. All clients regardless of gender require make-up. We provide pressed powder for males to avoid shiny skin. Foundation is required for all ladies. The foundation and power provide a base for flawless photos. Professionally done make-up and eye-brows are best.

10. Can you do my make-up?

Yes. There is a $20 service fee. Please bring foundation, pressed powder and mascara for best results.

11. What should I wear?

Casual, comfortable clothes, in bright colors. PLEASE IRON AND HANG UP YOUR CLOTHES. Wrinkles are not edited.

12. What is your best advice?

Be happy and content that you look wonderful. The camera shows how you feel inside. I will coach you through the session so you will look great. I have photographed people of all shapes and sizes. We are all beautiful and should celebrate our lives, one snapshot, one second at a time. Blessings.
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