Feel Beautiful      Feel Powerful        Feel Free

Life is all about celebrating what's good. As women we have beautiful bodies in all shapes and sizes. Our men love those bodies. Being visual creatures they respond to our likeness. So give him a treat.  Capture it after the wedding, before the baby, after the baby or for your new love.

It's all about you.

It can be sexy, fantasy, or just playfully flirty. You choose your style and we will make you feel comfortable. Soft retouching and great lighting will make you look and feel like a cover girl.

Whether you want to share a beautiful gift with your man, feel empowered by capturing what your momma gave you, or feel free from labels after a major breakthrough like beating  cancer or loosing weight, a boudoir session may be just the treat you need. Celebrate your sexy side. Celebrate your powerful side. Celebrate your love for a healthy body. This session is all about you.

We make calendars, wall prints, and keepsake books of your session. You can have whatever you like.   Celebrate You.

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