Letís Celebrate whatís good by freezing it in a portrait. Knowing as we celebrate our lives we are attracting more blessings daily.--Besse Swint


 As a mom and business woman,  I've heard the complaints and seen the pictures by sales people with little to no photography training.  My dad was a photographer and I gained my love for photography as a child on the Kodak Instamatic camera that sits in my office to this day. I did my 4-H Club project in Middle School on Photography. (A throw back to the 80's in south Georgia)

Tell me this.

Have you ever been disappointed after a photography session in a mall where the sales person quickly took a few so/so photos and tried to up sell you on a bunch of stuff you didnít want?   

Or maybe

You had headshots done and felt rushed and uncomfortable -it brought up flashbacks of those rushed assembly line High School Senior portraits in the cafeteria - your smile looked fake, your tie or jewelry was not straight? It was not the empowering experience that would help you get more clients with a confident professional branding image. 

Well, at Jus the Bess Portraits and Designs we understand why youíre taking pictures. In exchange for your investment we want you to reach your goals, whether itís capturing the love and beauty in your life or attracting clients and opportunities. We work to make you look good. We want you to feel good during and after your experience.  A camera takes what it sees but a great photographer elevates the seen into art, emotion, clients, and opportunities. As a mom and business owner I get itÖLetís Talk.

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